Scientific Name Thunnus Orientalis
Alternative Name(s) Bluefin, Northern Bluefin Tuna
Maori Name(s)
Typical Length 1500 - 2000mm
 Typical Weight 60 - 200kg
 Physical Description

The species has a sleek, aerodynamic appearance with retractable pectoral fins

Maturity is usually reached by 5 years of age at which point the fish is likely to be 1.4 – 1.7m in length and 55 – 65kg.

Pacific Bluefin can grow well beyond their length at maturity, a 415kg behemoth was caught off the East Cape in 2013.

  Location / Habitat

Pacific Bluefin is a migratory species usually found in the northern Pacific Ocean, venturing further south to New Zealand waters before returning to their spawning grounds in the northwestern Philippine Sea and in the Sea of Japan.


To the demise of the Pacific Bluefin Tuna population (which is now at only 4% of pre-fishing levels), the species is one of the most sought after for eating. The tasty, high oil content fillets make it the best for sushi and sashimi dishes.

The Japanese market consumes approximately 80% of the available fish each year.

  Pacific Bluefin Tuna Recipes